Welcome to the homepage of AlteredReality! AlteredReality (or simply AR) is a MUD, or multi-user dimension. We have been around since 1995, and are based on the ROM 2.4 codebase, although we have added a substantial amount of original code since then. The game is, of course, free, and hosted at a high speed colo facility, so lag is minimal. Our address is port 4000, and this mud is and always will be absolutely free for all players.


2008-03-05: Good news, everyone! Over the past weekend, AR moved to a new, faster, 64-bit Intel server! The bad news is AR doesn't currently work on a 64-bit environment. Nalgas is currently looking into options to get AR working again.

2008-03-11: More good news! Foom got bored waiting for Nalgas to add more bits and temporarily fixed stuff. On the plus side, it runs again now. On the other hand, it still isn't possible to actually compile a native 64-bit version so no changes to anything can be made ever again until Nalgas finds a new supply of fresh bits to add to the MUD.

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Contents of this homepage:

AlteredReality features:

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  • Overhauled fighting and casting system with no more rounds.
  • New stat system, comprising 10 stats (Strength, Coordination, Agility, Intelligence, Concentration, Perception, Physical Resilience, Magical Resilience, Durability, Charisma)
  • No 30second all-encompassing "TICK"
  • Group Skills - Combine your skills with another player in your group
  • No practices and trains - Get better at skills by using them
  • Persistent world - all objects and mobs in the world save their current state over reboots.
  • Thorough documentation of commands and skills through help files
  • A good environment for restricted player killing
  • Multiple battle arenas
  • An excellent clan system, with virtually unrestricted clan creation by mortals
  • Extended Race selection, including new and custom races, for a total of 18 races
  • 8 new and customized classes
  • Over 50 new skills and spells
  • 100 levels for mortals
  • Automatically saving characters starting at level 2, including equipment
  • Well designed ansi color
  • VT100 prompt bar so you can have your prompt permanently at the bottom of the screen.
  • An automated quest system, including redeeming quest points
  • Many active Immortals who frequently give other quests in various forms
  • Multi-playing or multi-logging is not allowed, and there is a strict no-cheating policy
  • A stable, nearly crash-free codebase
  • Over 100 areas
  • Online Creation and MOBProgs for builders
  • We are always looking for new builders, ideas, and players

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